Öur Story

Redefining Nature Tourism

The people behind the houses

Like all great inventions, ÖÖD was born from necessity. When two brothers, Jaak and Andreas Tiik, wanted to go on a weekend hike they didn’t want the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ hotel experience — that was too boring. What they wanted was a small house in a beautiful location, immersed in nature. Like so many of us have experienced, all they found were older log cabins with tiny windows that just didn’t cut it.

After a frustrating search, they realized that there may be others who felt the same as them. This realization inspired them to build ÖÖD Hötels — accommodations exactly the way they wanted.

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD

Who we are

ÖÖD House is a family owned mirror house production company founded in 2016 by Jaak and Andreas Tiik. Then, in 2018 ÖÖD Hotels grew out of the production company, founded by the same brothers.

Our ÖÖD team has been active in the construction sector for more than 19 years. Within the first few years of operation, we sent our ÖÖD houses to clients all around the globe from Ghana to California to Iceland. Thanks to the far-reaching client base, our award-winning houses have been engineered to withstand some of the world’s most extreme climate conditions.

ÖÖD houses are beautiful, bold, stylish, and comfortable, yet what truly sets them apart from any other vacation houses is the breathtaking 180-degree view through the floor-to-ceiling mirrored glass facades. A purposeful design element that allows the exterior space to seamlessly integrate with its natural surroundings and creates a virtually non existent visual footprint. This has been our guiding philosophy — harmony with nature.

ÖÖD Signature Houses

Our Values & Standards


ÖÖD travelers live experiences. They are looking for much more than just an overnight stay. For ÖÖD it is all about creating memories. ÖÖD travelers choose our locations as a retreat from everyday life. A place where they can disconnect to connect.


ÖÖD is changing the industry of nature tourism by providing an immersed nature experience without needing to sacrifice on comfort. Our houses are all about nature. They seamlessly blend into the environment with a harmonized design that reflects the beauty of the nature around it.


Privacy is one of our core values when selecting new locations and planning sites. When an ÖÖD traveler visits one of our locations, they can experience the quiet solitude of nature, without needing to worry about neighbors and noise.

ÖÖD Worldwide

ÖÖD Houses have been installed throughout the globe. Spot ÖÖD on your next adventure.