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Beautiful Texan Nature Meets Entrepreneurial Spirit

March 5, 2024

ÖÖD by Cameron Ranch Glamping is owned and operated by a son-and-mother team, Teresa and Garrett Brown who know very well the importance of connecting with nature. By their words unfortunately it has become increasingly harder to find time for ourselves and take care of our well-being, physically and mentally. This is precisely the problem they wanted to tackle on their 11-acre property North of Houston, to help those in need of escape to reconnect with nature.

Cameron Ranch Glamping is located just one hour north of Houston in the lush oasis near Lake Livingston, with its natural beauty it can be acclaimed as one of the most beautiful places in Texas. On-site the visitors have an opportunity to indulge in plenty of activities offered, including access to the 1-acre fishing pond, outdoor bath, multiple on-site games, and a quick access to Sam Houston National Park.

The Brown family partnered up with ÖÖD to bring the first ÖÖD Mirror House and a Sauna to Texas in 2023. Nature cabin was opened to the public in October of that year. During the first month, joint marketing efforts were made to spread the word about the public opening, and the news had a reach of over 1 million people, including one of our most reached post on Instagram, newsletter marketing and mentions by publications like Travel & Leisure.

From the first months, ÖÖD by Cameron Ranch Glamping has boasted a monthly occupancy rate of 85-90% with prices per night starting at $449 and a minimum stay of 2 nights on the weekends costing $499. The site has amassed very high popularity as it is almost fully booked out one month in advance which brings the monthly revenue per house to around $12.000

We asked the host, Garrett Brown to share some words about his site and partnering up with ÖÖD to create an ultimate glamping experience in Houston, TX.

Garett Brown, the owner of Cameron Ranch Glamping in Texas

How long have you been operating your ÖÖD Mirror House and how has your experience been so far?

“I have been operating since October 2023 and it has been going even better than I could have predicted. The product is great and we are a show-stopper every time for people.“

Looking at your calendar, your occupancy seems to be very strong. What have been your occupancy numbers since you started?

“We have been about 85-90% occupied since the start with a 55-day lead time average. Any weekday randomly left open we allow content creators to come in exchange for social media content. “

What is the magic behind your site‘s success? Any insights on your marketing, and pricing (eg, influencer marketing, type of influencer, number of influencers, pricing model)

“Having a product like a mirror house makes marketing so much easier because it automatically catches attention. I think we also truly focused on the outdoor amenities which help sell the whole experience and our marketing costs have been rather low as a lot of guests do the marketing for us by posting and tagging us. We encourage it strongly and always interact with content mentioning us. I think we have positioned ourselves perfectly with a higher-end pricing model and our target guest, the level of guests is much higher and gives us the ability to add on packages to sell as well. 

We work with a lot of content creators and always get requests on the mirror house. We have paid a few with substantial followings in the travel field and it was worth the ROI and we have also paid a few and it wasn’t. We try to avoid paying though and just do a free night stay on a Monday or Tuesday usually. We say yes to quite a bit if they are in the travel or experiences niche or take extremely top-notch photos or videos but if they are not in the niche, we have seen the results not be as high. We have had several small creators that we did not pay to have some of our most successful videos versus bigger creators that we paid, so don’t be afraid to give smaller creators a try if you like their content and it fits. It’s also good to get some real-life feedback on your place from someone who isn’t a guest. You shouldn’t feel awkward asking what is wrong and how you can improve your business from a content perspective.”

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to open further sites or expand your existing ones?

“Yes! We actually are hoping to expand soon on our same property and/or more land and add another ÖÖD Mirror House.“

ÖÖD is actively looking for new partners who would like to expand their existing hospitality business. The partners have unique land and operate the houses. ÖÖD provides the Mirror Houses on a revenue share basis to bring new revenue streams and boost the existing business.

Learn more about ÖÖD Partnership.