Öur Story

Redefining Nature Tourism

The Roots

When it comes to great inventions, there seems to be a formula consisting of necessity and vision, both born from personal experience. Growing up immersed in nature, Jaak and Andreas Tiik knew first-hand what it really meant to get lost and found between the wild rivers, bogs and woodlands of Estonia. As it turns out, this rare gift of experiencing the bounty of a country covered over 50% by a blanket of forest would, later on, find itself the sole inspiration behind ÖÖD.

During a weekend hike, the two brothers wanted to elevate their trip with an overnight stay, but without the typical one-size-fits-all hotel experience. They wanted something different – something that would not cut them off from a natural experience, yet give a sense of comfort and relaxation like no other. Outdated log cabins in short of light and spirit just didn’t cut it any longer and surely there were many nature aficionados on the same thought frequency. This particular realisation inspired them to intertwine the yearning for nature, seclusion and rest into one unique whole – a type of accommodation that would not only change the way people experience nature, but also change the industry.

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD

The visionaries

ÖÖD House, founded in 2016 by Jaak and Andreas Tiik, is a family-owned mirror house production company that expanded its venture in 2018 to include ÖÖD Hötels. Fueling ÖÖD’s success is a dedicated team with over 19 years of experience in construction, reflecting their profound understanding of living harmoniously with nature.

In its initial years, ÖÖD delivered its innovative houses worldwide, from the remote corners of Iceland to sunny California and vibrant Ghana, showcasing their houses’ exceptional engineering designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Today, ÖÖD mirror houses grace diverse terrains, from the lush Mexican Yucatan jungle to Vermont’s Green Mountains and Norway’s Tustnastabben foothills, continually adding to their list of remarkable destinations.

ÖÖD mirror houses combine striking aesthetics with practicality and comfort, meticulously considering every detail for an effortless stay. What sets them apart is the awe-inspiring 180-degree floor-to-ceiling glass facade, seamlessly connecting guests with nature. Prioritizing environmental integrity, ÖÖD’s houses feature near-invisible designs that leave landscapes unspoiled. Engineering made to stand the test of time, creating a visually non-existent footprint – a philosophy that has been our lighthouse since the very beginning.

ÖÖD Signature Houses

Our Values & Standards


ÖÖD travellers take the road less travelled, there is nothing traditional about the ÖÖD ways. It is about retreating from the everyday, but not forgetting the roots. On the contrary, it is a delicate lean back to the roots in an unconventional way and disconnecting to connect in order to gain what has been lost. A simple and quiet luxury, rich in experience.


Created in a land of meandering beauty, Estonia serves as an everlasting inspiration and foundation for the ÖÖD Houses. The evergreens and almost mythical landscapes serve as a symbol of standing still in the increasing pace of the world. Seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment, letting each separate place thrive in its own beauty and creation. Never minding the weather or season.


We prioritize offbeat locations for solitude amidst nature. Ensuring peace from synthetic noises and neighbours, our houses offer self-check-ins with an occasional visit by a wild reindeer. Most ÖÖD houses are Wi-Fi-free, immersing you in the great outdoors. Discover birdsongs and enjoy true privacy by redefining the meaning of seclusion in nature.

ÖÖD Worldwide

ÖÖD Houses have been installed throughout the globe. Spot ÖÖD on your next adventure.