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Designer profile Jaak & Andreas Tiik

February 27, 2018
Brick&Wonder - Designer profile Jaak & Andreas Tiik
Designer Profile: Andreas Tiik

Estonian founders of ÖÖD, brothers Andreas Tiik and Jaak Tiik, were inspired to create a hotel concept with bold, stylish design, consisting of rooms and auxiliary buildings such as reception, restaurant, conference rooms, spa, gym, etc.

The modules house different programs, but a uniform appearance allows the owner to gradually scale up the hotel according to demand.

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD

“Our vision of ÖÖD hotel room was to create something that won’t harm its surrounding, but rather melts into it. Looking at the house from a distance, it is hard to understand where the design ends and nature starts, due to the reflection effect of the glasses.”

The brothers were inspired to create ÖÖD when a search for options to escape the bustle of city life for camping and hiking resulted in limited options.

“That’s when we came up with the idea of a stylish hotel room in the middle of nature – more than just accommodation. It’s an experience!”

Custom – Fully Customizable Prefab House by ÖÖD

While the accolades and interested buyers the ÖÖD house has received are many, the concept is not without its limitations.

“Our biggest challenge today is to find strong distributorship partners and provide ÖÖD houses for growing demand.”

We asked Tiik where he sees the future of modular homes heading.

“We believe that your home is where you live and, in the future, homes will move easily together with their owners. You won’t have to sell your house, instead, you can just take it with you.”

As far-fetched as that may sound, the designers have shown that the house can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD

Quick installation and the ability to take your house with you when you move aren’t the only benefits. With a modular unit like the ÖÖD house, you can easily expand your home according to your needs, add fitness or creative studio, or extend existing living space. “We have developed a design which fits everywhere,” Tiik explains. “Nothing is as beautiful as nature itself – and ÖÖD reflects the surrounding and melts into it.”

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD

We asked Tiik whether he had a favorite configuration. “It is possible to use the ÖÖD house for many different purposes, but my favorite is the sauna. Estonians are huge fans of saunas and our ÖÖD sauna will be a very cool product – we just finished the design and we are testing it in our factory right now!”