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Estonian Design Award – Bruno

October 23, 2018
ÖÖD Mirror House Founders Jaak & Andreas Tiik
ÖÖD Mirror House Founders Jaak & Andreas Tiik
ÖÖD founders Jaak and Andreas Tiik (photo by: Rauno Volmar)

To introduce and spread the word about great Estonian design and talented designers, every two years fresh ideas and creations are collected and presented during the Design Festival in Tallinn.

This year 415 designs were listed to run for the Estonian Design Award. Awarded categories are product design, graphic & web design, service design, and outstanding young designers. The international jury selected ÖÖD mirrored house to be the winner of the Estonian Design Award Bruno, which acknowledges outstanding product design.

ÖÖD designers, Mr. Jaak and Andreas Tiik at the Estonian Design Award gala event.

ÖÖD Mirror House Founders Jaak & Andreas Tiik

ÖÖD brothers, Jaak and Andreas Tiik are very thankful for the recognition:

“We’re so grateful to all our fans around the globe, who value our design and welcome the idea of a future, where modern small living spaces connect people with nature and their surroundings again. Our concept is proving, that a smart and functional approach combined with unique design can’t just create affordable living spaces and a homey feeling, but also makes people value the real things in life again. We have gorgeous landscapes to admire, we have unforgettable moments to share – in our case, the design is an experience.”

ÖÖD Founders