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How to Craft Memorable Customer Experiences That Will Make Them Want to Return

April 1, 2024

In a world saturated with options, standing out is more than just offering a place to stay in a beautiful location or an experience to enjoy. It’s about crafting memorable moments that resonate with your guests long after they’ve left your doorstep. 

Welcome to a journey where every detail matters, where the client experience isn’t just a buzzword but a carefully curated adventure from start to finish. Crafting an unforgettable experience is a form of art which will be appreciated and remembered for a long time after the stay, it starts from the moment they first encounter your property to the time they bid it farewell, every step along the way contributes to the memories they will carry with them. In this edition, we will provide insider recommendations to levitate the customer’s experience and make the whole experience stand out and be remembered.

Elevate the Ambiance: Surprise your guests with curated music playlists for the journey, setting the perfect mood for relaxation.

Pre-Stay Preparation: Provide essential tips and insights beforehand – covering attire, culinary options, and amenities on your site, the more preparation visitors can do for their stay the better it is. 

•Insider Recommendations: Share local insights on attractions, dining spots, and outdoor activities. Having an information book on the table of your stay is always a plus which will make the stay more enjoyable and efficient.

•Guests often express curiosity about their hosts. They’re eager to learn about your personal narrative and the journey that led you to establish this location, don’t be shy and tell them your story of what got you here.

•Leveraging Hidden Marketing Opportunities: Incorporate branded items (coffee cups, towels, etc.) within the property to promote activities and amenities to subtly encourage guests to share their experiences on social media by providing picture-worthy spots and objects. To further engage visitors, consider implementing an environment that prompts them to take photos with mirrors, offering inspiration and an environment to spark creativity.

•Add light sports gear to your site: For example, yoga mats are not too expensive and are easy to store and maintain while they can add a lot of value to your site.

•Accessibility Assurance: Ensure ease of location and access, especially during nighttime and before the stay send them instructions on how to reach and access the site. Even better include a Google Maps tag which easily navigates visitors to your site.

•Positive First Impressions: Prioritize a welcoming first encounter and envision the perspective of a first-time visitor, first impressions matter as they say.

•Illuminating Design: Good lighting can change the whole appearance of the site – optimize lighting for both daytime aesthetics and nighttime navigation.

•Locking Mechanism Considerations: When deciding between a lockbox or a digital door lock, remember that while digital locks offer convenience, they require occasional battery changes, whereas traditional lockboxes may freeze in extremely cold temperatures and the same goes for digital lock boxes as well.

•Keep in mind that digital features need to be very easy to operate. Otherwise, you will create a considerable amount of workload for yourself or those running customer support. You will host people from different cultures and countries worldwide and they need to understand how to use those electronic devices, simplicity is the key.

•Seamless Navigation: Mark pathways with signage for stress-free arrival and exploration of the area. 

•Make little surprises – For instance, we have received a lot of good feedback with sauna fire food being ready for the stay in the sauna stoves, ÖÖD clients just need to fire up prepared wood and after 1h can already enjoy the sauna experience.

Think about small surprises which are not too expensive but at the same time are nice gestures and create positive emotions. Small things matter.