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New Kid on the Block: ÖÖD Pop-Up

December 12, 2019
Large – Modern Prefab Office Pod on a Metal Frame by ÖÖD

Although ÖÖD is a small house solution that has been designed and developed for hosting purposes, 2019 has put ÖÖD house on a totally new map – the map of the pop-up market that has been growing and keeps fiercely growing despite its tremendous success in the last decade already.

Quite organically ÖÖD has started growing in the pop-up sector. ÖÖD Pop-up is a short-term solution for almost everything and anything that pops – showrooms, shops, cafes and restaurants, galleries, experiential retail events and everything in between. It’s a fascinating market actually! Known primarily as pop-up shops and restaurants, the clients of ÖÖD have shown true creativity in the field.

The examples are already abundant. Luminor Bank has chosen ÖÖD as its pop-up office in an Ülemiste Smart City to bring the bank closer to its clients and to establish closer relationships. There are more than 10,000 business people working in that part of the city every day. Not a bad idea, right?

Large – Modern Prefab Office Pod on a Metal Frame by ÖÖD
Tallinn Music Week had ÖÖD as their pop-up radio station and stage for live performers in the middle of the city at a roundabout! How cool is that? Not a soul was untouched.
Tallinn Music Week studio in ÖÖD Office

When the international jury selected ÖÖD mirrored house to be the winner of the Estonian Design Award Bruno, the pop-up office served as a showroom for the awarded tiny mirror house in Rotermanni Center.

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD
When Kalevi Panorama was developing its residential area ÖÖD was lifted up on the roof of the building and used as a showroom for introducing the development. Well, that’s an idea for you!

Next year has so much in store for ÖÖD pop-up. We are setting up a showroom in Germany. SleepAngel is about to open its showrooms in Ülemiste City. Luminor Bank is opening new pop-up bank offices in other Baltic capitals – in Riga and in Vilnius – as well. And it is not even 2020 yet.

What’s your business? How creative can you get with ÖÖD pop-up?