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ÖÖD has the best-performing design out of 33 different tiny houses at Basecamp

September 21, 2022
ÖÖD Suite Lake View - Basecamp

Basecamp Ijmuiden can best be described as a holiday park and eco-resort ‘new style’. It is an Eco-retreat, where sustainability and self-sufficiency are central. It is a place where people experiment with new forms of living, working, and recreation. As a guest, you can stay overnight in one of the 33 unique tiny houses, but it is also possible to rent an office or meeting room.

Our customer and partner at Basecamp Ijmuiden Aan Zee told us that ÖÖD Mirror House is the best-performing design among the 33 different tiny house designs they operate (nightly rate/occupancy). We were happy to hear this as we want our design to look good and be profitable for our partners and us.

ÖÖD Suite Dune View - Basecamp
In ÖÖD you’re one with nature.

At Basecamp there are two ÖÖD Suites, one with a view of the Kennemermeer and one surrounded by dune grass. Here you can sleep with the curtains open and wake up to the rising sun from the East. While staying in Basecamp say hello to different bird species, foxes, rabbits, and deer who also live in this protected nature reserve.

Privacy and location are the top two aspects by which people choose where they’d like to spend their night. This is why secluded places in the wilderness make the most of ÖÖD design. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy this view?

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