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ÖÖD House has copycats

January 10, 2022
ÖÖD Mirror House

Dear friends!

Today we write on a different note to warn you about companies that present themselves as ÖÖD House or as our partners but fail to do business ethically. As ÖÖD House was the first to market with the concept and innovative idea of mirror houses, it was almost guaranteed that the moment we started to see success, we would have some copycats come to light. It is a big compliment to us and we would like to thank these companies for noticing our brand. But it is important for us to do business ethically and their way of doing business has become quite a problematic issue.

Two companies, in particular, Nordluxe and Natur 360, present themselves as ÖÖD House partners and use our content without consent. They have deceived their clients by taking payments in advance, but then disappear without fulfilling the orders and leave their clients clueless. We at ÖÖD House do not condone this kind of business behavior since our business ethics are completely opposite to that.

So beware of who you trust and think first before getting into business with companies who might be copycats!
Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information

ÖÖD Mirror House Founders
Andreas & Jaak Tiik