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ÖÖD Iceland takes stargazing to a new level

April 27, 2020
Glääzy – Prefab House from Steel with Glass Walls by ÖÖD
ÖÖD Glääzy

The two houses of ÖÖD Iceland were born as beautiful cooperation between ÖÖD Mirror House and Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland, mainly motivated by a yearning for even more light and air inside the house as well as a possibility to doze off while soaking in comfort under the Northern Lights or a starry sky. The two cabins sit in the vast, empty landscape overlooking the Hekla volcano, around three hour’s drive from Reykjavík.

Since February 2020 it is possible to book a stay in the beautiful glass houses produced by ÖÖD for Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland and immerse in the amazing experience it offers. The 200-square-foot cabin has all the necessities for living—a bedroom, small living space, kitchenette, and bathroom—arranged in a tiny floor plan.

ÖÖD Iceland is now also available for purchase in Europe, except in Iceland, where the two glass lodges are meant to be one of a kind.

Read more about the project in the article published by Dwell magazine.