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ÖÖD Mirror House concept — Nordic Maldives

October 2, 2020
ÖÖD Signature Houses

Nordic Maldives is a picturesque resort on the banks of Päijänne lake providing a year-round 5-star luxury accommodation service. Nordic Maldives concept was inspired by Indian Ocean paradise photos of overwater bungalows. ÖÖD in Lehmonkärki uses Nordic design concepts to recreate its own luxurious overwater “bungalows”. The resort consists of three ÖÖD Mirror Houses and a specially built platform above the shallow waters in the lakeshore.

The local area of Lehmonkärki is a popular summer destination, however, nothing compares to the breathtaking views available from the comfort of your bed inside the Mirror House you have decided to spend an unforgettable vacation in. The area has been popular among newlyweds, and still, Nordic Maldives can take a romantic getaway to a whole new level. When visiting the resort, a thoroughly relaxing experience is guaranteed to everybody from those seeking a romantic getaway to the people renting out the premise for business purposes.

When setting off from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in about a two-hour drive you find yourself in the middle of seemingly endless thick spruce forests driving along the narrow and meandering roads, which lead to the high banks of Päijänne lake. The local landscape and nature are just magical – powerful and high-rising spruces, moss-covered boulders moved to place by the recession of glacier ice and proliferating heather. Right in the middle of the rough greenery, Nordic Maldives is a modern and luxurious complex waiting for you to visit and unwind.

When you arrive at the gates leading to the above-water luxury you are struck with anticipation and excitement about what lies behind the massive metal doors. New surprises are waiting on every step around the premise. In addition to stunning views, the resort is equipped with relaxing sunbathing spots, a private jacuzzi to lose track of time for all three Mirror Houses, peaceful reading spots with a soft rustle of the waves, and means for fishing and grilling. Every corner of the complex is designed to nourish the soul and mind of the customer.

ÖÖD Mirror Houses are typically installed individually. Nordic Maldives, however, has altered the tradition and created a vacation destination, which accommodates even a circle of friends or a big family. The resort offers plenty of space for enjoying each other’s company as the houses are cleverly placed on the outside perimeter. Even though the first glimpse at the houses does not highlight the visitor’s privacy, they are placed so that the glass sections of the houses are turned towards the lake to provide privacy as well as views of the lake.

As Finland’s geological base is mainly made up of granite, the above-water resort stands firm on the foundation beams making it possible to install a third glasshouse on a second level, thus creating extra space and a more playful impression of the architecture.

Fusion and the warmth of the wood are the key concepts for the lakeshore oasis. Natural wood has been utilized in a slightly chaotic and irregular fashion in both the exterior and interior design to resemble the surrounding wild nature. Mirror surfaces and honey-toned cladding create a seamlessly blended environment between nature and the modern resort.

The interior design for ÖÖD Mirror House in the Nordic Maldives resort follows closely the exterior as the simple design on the outside is also brought through to the inside. Here, elegance and minimalism are the leading concepts, and the visitor him- or herself is believed to be the brightest interior design element. The furniture is „airy and transparent“ to not demand too much visual space.

Due to space restrictions, the functionality of the furniture is of great importance. Even though well-thought-out kitchenettes and minimalistic bathroom designs are everyday challenges, the necessity to be able to accommodate a family of four requires custom-made furniture. A perfect sleeping oasis for a family is easily created by extracting extra beds from underneath the standard two-person bed. The bed is believed to be the heart of the interior design as visitors are mainly looking for a place to relax and unwind.

The floor, walls, and ceiling are all covered with natural materials such as stone and wood to create a warm and welcoming environment.

The first major challenge was transportation. As the roads leading to the site were narrow and difficult to navigate, the trailers transporting the houses were remote-controlled through the most tricky situations with only centimeters worth of free space to maneuver.

Additionally, the multilevel installation of the houses proved to be extremely difficult. Until this project, the „treehouse“ concept had been something to throw in the air for fun and fantasize. In this project, a similar problem needed to be overcome, and installation in water did not make it any easier. At first, a design where the complex was supported on pontons was considered, however, it was later decided that metal beams would support the complex better, and thus a sturdy and safe fastening system was designed for the water. For the installation on-site, scaffolding was constructed into the water to reassemble some of the removed details from the houses. Worth mentioning is also the challenge of performing electrical and piping work above water.

Written by: Hanna-Liisa Aasmaa