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ÖÖD mirror houses in Paradise Ranch–fastest growing Airbnb in California

January 25, 2023

Paradise Ranch is a modern eco-glamping ranch and exclusive retreat with four one-of-a-kind mirror houses designed by the Estonian nature hospitality business ÖÖD. Located on 50 acres of privately owned riverfront land, nestled in the shadows of Sequoia National Park, this area is home to the largest and oldest living thing on Earth – the giant sequoias. With two miles of river running through hilly landscapes and natural rock gardens, this unique nature getaway truly emanates the highest vibration.

Four luxury off-the-grid mirror cabins are located near the Sequoia National Park in California.

This paradise on Earth was born when Danish fashion photographer Kenneth discovered the ÖÖD mirror cabins in 2018. “Kenneth contacted ÖÖD when we had just gotten started, and we can thank the all-mighty social media for that,” says Regina, the head of ÖÖD custom projects. “He was looking to establish an off-grid hospitality site with design houses, and he fell for our iconic signature ÖÖD Mirror House design. The final decision was made after his trip to Estonia to experience ÖÖD mirror cabins in the wild, get to know the team, and see our construction crew working on the houses.”

Kenneth has traveled extensively for his job for the last 20+ years and has been fortunate to stay at many beautiful locations around the globe. He looks back in time, “When I bought the ranch next to Sequoia National Forest, I wanted to create a place with all the ideas I felt were missing in the spots I had visited.” So, when the lockdown came in 2020, it was the perfect time to make a dream come true. “Paradise Ranch is about being in nature, healing your mind and soul, staying productive and connected with the world through the Starlink satellite internet constellation, and doing all this sustainably,” says the photographer.

ÖÖD is changing the nature tourism industry by providing an immersed nature experience without sacrificing comfort. The mirror houses are all about nature – they seamlessly blend into the environment with a harmonized design that reflects the beauty of the nature around them. Paradise Ranch is home to the first mirrored cabins in the United States. “The installation of ÖÖD houses could not have been easier,” cites Kenneth, “The most challenging was getting the permits in California.” The project manager Regina agrees, “The boogeyman in the room was called Title 24.” Nothing that a dedicated team and people with a clear vision couldn’t do, though. The certification process resulted in success, the manufacturing process started, and ÖÖD mirror cabins traveled to California.

ÖÖD mirror houses at Paradise Ranch, California.

The unique mirror houses at Paradise Ranch finally opened their doors in 2022 and have been at the center of attention ever since. “The opening went super well. People love the concept, and we already have a Superhost title in the OMG section on Airbnb!” says the owner Kenneth. The concept of staying in a luxurious and well-thought-out getaway in the middle of wild nature is definitely in demand now, and ÖÖD mirror houses fill this gap. “We’ve had three great months without any advertising,” declares Kenneth happily.

Let the reviews speak for themselves – “Piece of heaven on Earth! Everything was designed perfectly to the smallest details, which made the experience nothing but perfect,” writes Dana, and Ramya enunciates, “It’s absolutely an OMG Airbnb experience just a few hours from the city. Kenneth was an awesome host!” Eve is also speechless, “WOW! Kenneth is the kindest and most thoughtful host; you can tell how much he cares about his guests’ experience. This place is spectacular, as beautiful inside as it is outside!”

At Paradise Ranch, Estonian design meets Danish minimalism, and everything is handcrafted by the Americans.

Everyone should experience the magic of Paradise Ranch at least once in their life. Seeing the biggest trees on Earth is on the bucket list of many, but what most people unexpectedly realize while visiting the ranch is that they really get to disconnect from daily routines and reconnect with their partner, nature, or themselves. Seeing the giant sequoias becomes a bonus, as being in such incredible beauty is an indescribable feeling, and makes you respect nature and its forces even more. “I’m sure there will soon be companies holding retreats here as we all go green or sending burnt-out creatives to reboot in an ÖÖD mirror house,” believes Kenneth. Experience the place yourself, and find more information about ÖÖD by Paradise Ranch from

At Paradise Ranch, Estonian design meets Danish minimalism, and everything is handcrafted by the Americans.

Paradise Ranch is creating solutions for a truly sustainable and happy life reconnected with nature. Humans are nature. We evolved in nature. We are all connected. It’s a project where they combine observations of nature, logic, old wisdom, and new knowledge to get closer to our true selves in aspects of eating, living, thinking, moving, breathing, producing, and much more. Paradise Ranch is running on solar energy, and they have their own freshwater well. In 2023, they plan to grow their food, thus making the ranch even more self-sustainable. “Paradise is within you,” states Kenneth, “When you drink the fresh, clean, healing water on Paradise Ranch or take cold dips in the river, followed by the cedar sauna or hot tub, you will hardly see the ÖÖD mirror houses as they reflect nature and your surroundings. But you will definitely feel them as you lie down and look up at the stars through the skylight.” 

Bring your dream to life with ÖÖD. We are actively looking for partners with beautiful and secluded land interested in generating additional income in an investment-light way. Put simply, partners have unique land and operate the houses, while ÖÖD offers multiple partnership models to best fit your needs. We will help you transform your property into a new business or bring new revenue streams to an existing business. 

ÖÖD is fully immersed in nature – experience all seasons at ÖÖD by Paradise Ranch. Photo credit: Sarah & Michael Vestal (@venturingvestals)

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