Signature Shell House

To build on your own terms

From 39 000 EUR
Your design & budget

The ÖÖD Shell allows you to build an ÖÖD House on your terms. It includes the steel structure and the distinctive exterior of the Signature House while leaving the flooring, insulation and interior design up to you.

Length 6.32 m
Width 3.33 m
Height 3.13 m
Total area 21.1 m²
Weight ~ 3.8 tons
What's included
  • Steel frame
  • Wooden framework
  • Aluminium facade
  • Thermo ash cladding
  • Reflective glass
  • Roof finishing
Finish on-site

The 227 sqft ÖÖD House is small enough for a local contractor to finish on-site or even as a DIY project. Our ÖÖD Shell enables you to take advantage of this award-winning piece of architecture and form it to your desired functionality while conforming to your local building code.

Möön – Prefab Home with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD
Designed for experience

3 walls of floor to ceiling windows feels spacious and provides an immersive nature experience.

"I was searching for the next new idea that was flexible enough to add all my own designs and ideas to the concept. ÖÖD Signature Shell was the perfect solution – great base design, and a clean look is the key."

Kenneth Owner of Paradise Ranch in USA

Delivered in one piece

ÖÖD Shell is built in the factory and sent to you with the finished exterior. Once you have received your built-up shell you will need a local contractor to come in and finish the rest of the build.

Make it yours

Whether just for you or for the travellers you host, order yours today and start building your dream house.

From 39 000 EUR
Prefab Houses with Glass Mirror Walls – ÖÖD

Frequently Asked Questions

The Signature Shell includes: steel frame (anthracite); wooden framework for floors, ceiling and wall; aluminum facade system for glass units (anthracite); marine plywood (back wall); hardwood cladding from thermally treated Ash (back wall); aluminum framed door and window; double-layer insulated glass units with a reflective coating (8 panels); OSB for finishing the roof; SBS roof covering; metal roof gaps and gutter systems; marine plywood under the floor.

You can use our tiny mirror houses as a home, as a cabin, or even as a hotel.

ÖÖD representatives will send the necessary drawings of the prefab units, but the clients must contact the local government or construction department to apply for permits.

Yes, in most cases Signature Shell will be transported in one piece. If there is no access in the location for transportation, the house can be built on site as well.

ÖÖD is responsible only for the production of the house. For infrastructure, external utilities, and landscaping, separate cooperation must be arranged with the best specialists in the respective fields.

The client will be informed of delivery time according to the location and the amount of their order.

The client is responsible for the transport. Upon agreement, ÖÖD can help by providing relevant contacts.

The ÖÖD representatives will send the necessary drawings for the foundation, but the client is responsible for finding the local contractor who would design, construct and install the foundation according to local regulations and ground.

It is true that birds often can't recognize windows or mirrors and therefore might hurt themselves. To prevent that for happening, we use UV film stickers on all of our ÖÖD houses. These stickers reflect ultraviolet light, which birds can see but humans can’t. When light reflects, birds understand that there is an object on their way and they'll change direction. Our goal has always been to blend into nature without hurting it.